This is a detailed guide to wearable barcode scanners that will help you understand the wearable barcode scanners for warehouse inventory management

What is the Wearable Barcode Scanner?

In today’s fast-paced logistics and manufacturing environments, efficiency and accuracy are paramount.

Wearable barcode scanners represent a significant leap in technology, offering a hands-free, ergonomic solution to traditional scanning methods.

These devices are not only designed to enhance productivity but also to ensure greater accuracy in tracking and managing inventory.

Types of Wearable Barcode Scanners

Wearable barcode scanners have become increasingly popular across various industries due to their convenience and efficiency.
These devices come in different forms, each designed to suit specific user needs and work environments. Here are the primary types of wearable barcode scanners:

1. Wearable Ring Scanners:

These small scanners are worn like rings on a finger. They allow for hands-free scanning, enabling the user to hold or move items while simultaneously scanning.
Ring scanners are ideal for logistics, warehousing, and retail environments where mobility and efficiency are key


2. Wearable glove scanner:

Integrated into a glove, these scanners let users scan items by simply pointing their hand or finger at the barcode.
This type of scanner is particularly useful in environments where workers need to handle items frequently, such as in manufacturing or shipping.

Wearable Glove Scanner

3. Wrist-mounted Scanners:

Similar to a watch, these scanners are worn on the wrist. They usually have a small scanning unit that can be activated with a thumb or another finger.
Wrist-mounted scanners are beneficial for tasks that require frequent scanning without the need to hold a separate device.

4. Arm-mounted Scanners:

These scanners are attached to the user’s arm or forearm.
They typically have a larger scanning window and are suitable for environments where barcodes are scanned at a higher volume, like in large warehouses or distribution centers.

5. Smart Glasses with Scanning Capability:

Some smart glasses are equipped with barcode scanning technology.
They allow users to scan barcodes using visual cues and voice commands, providing a highly hands-free and efficient scanning process.

This type is particularly useful in complex logistics and manufacturing tasks.

6. Wearable Mobile Computers with Scanners:

These are comprehensive devices that combine the functionality of a computer with a barcode scanner. Worn on the body, they often include a screen and input buttons, and they are ideal for tasks that require both scanning and immediate data input or retrieval.

Wearable Scanners

Each type of wearable scanner offers unique advantages depending on the specific requirements of the job or industry.
Factors like the volume of scanning, the need for hands-free operation, durability requirements, and the type of barcodes being scanned will influence which wearable scanner is best suited for a particular application.

How Does the Wearable Barcode Scanner Work?

Wearable barcode scanners function by combining compact scanning technology with a wearable design, providing a hands-free and efficient way to capture barcode data. Here’s how they typically work:

  • Scanning Mechanism:
    These devices use a laser, LED, or imaging technology to read barcodes.
    When the scanner is pointed at a barcode, the scanning mechanism decodes the information contained in the barcode’s pattern.
  • Wearable Design:
    They are designed to be worn on the body, such as on a finger (ring scanner), the wrist, or integrated into a glove.
    This design allows for hands-free operation, enabling the user to move items or perform other tasks while scanning.
  • Data Capture and Transmission:
    Once the barcode is scanned, the data is captured and can be transmitted wirelessly (via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) to a connected device, such as a computer, tablet, or warehouse management system (WMS).
    This ensures real-time data updates and tracking.
  • Power Source:
    Wearable scanners are typically powered by rechargeable batteries.
    They are designed for extended use, ensuring they can last through a work shift without the need for frequent recharging.
  • Modern wearable scanners can read various types of barcodes, including traditional 1D barcodes and 2D codes like QR codes, making them versatile tools in different applications.

    Overall, wearable barcode scanners provide a convenient and efficient solution for quick and accurate data capture in various industries, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing the likelihood of errors.

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Comparing Wearable Scanners with Traditional handheld scanners

In the pursuit of higher productivity, the choice of tools is crucial. Consider two workers, Alice and Bob, tackling a similar task, but with different tools.

🌟 Alice’s Streamlined Process: Alice uses a wearable scanner, allowing her to scan items while seamlessly jotting down notes.
This uninterrupted workflow exemplifies the superior efficiency of wearable technology.

🔄 Bob’s Frequent Tool-Switching: Bob, using a handheld scanner, constantly switches between scanning and note-taking.
This repetitive action noticeably slows down his workflow.

⏱️ Evaluating Efficiency Gains:

The difference is clear in their task completion times. Alice finishes in 31 seconds, while Bob takes 37 seconds.

That’s a noteworthy 15% efficiency boost for Alice.

📊 Optimizing for Task Requirements:

When handling bulky items, having a free hand is invaluable.

This is where wearable scanners shine, integrating seamlessly into workflows and significantly easing task execution.

🤔 Rethinking Tool Choices:

Still using traditional handheld scanners? It might be time for a switch.

Opt for efficiency, embrace innovative tools, and elevate your productivity.

🔗 Join the Discussion:

How have the right tools reshaped your work experience?

Share your stories below!

Why do we need to use Wearable Barcode Technology?

Wearable barcode technology is a game-changer for various industries, capable of reducing errors by up to 60%.

With its inception about 15 years ago, this technology initially served to assist workers in managing bulky and heavy items, eliminating the need to repeatedly handle handheld scanning devices.

The rise of e-commerce has underscored the need for speed and efficiency in handling tasks.

Wearable scanners have demonstrated their effectiveness in streamlining picking processes, especially where both hands are required for managing heavy or bulky items.

But the benefits extend beyond this. By eliminating the minor yet time-consuming actions like picking up, putting down, or searching for a mobile computer, these wearable devices unlock micro-efficiencies, transforming previously overlooked moments into opportunities for time-saving and productivity enhancement.

Benefits of using Wearable Barcode Scanners in Supply Chain Management

The surge in e-commerce has necessitated more agile and efficient barcode scanning solutions.

Wearable barcode technology meets this demand by enabling workers to maneuver heavy and bulky items more effectively, facilitating rapid scanning and picking activities with both hands-free.

This marks the end of constantly having to pick up and set down traditional scanning devices.

Enhancing Productivity

Micro-efficiencies translate into significant cost savings by optimizing employee time and boosting productivity.

Wearable devices reduce the likelihood of misplacing scanners and mobile computers.
They allow for the swift and comfortable scanning of thousands of items per day on assembly lines.

The ergonomic design, enhanced durability, and software advancements make wearable scanners a superior choice compared to conventional handheld devices.

These wearable devices are smaller, lighter, and technologically advanced, making them more comfortable than traditional scanner terminals.

Mobile computers with standalone hosts deliver quick and reliable data transfer, minimizing delays.

This can lead to a reduction in errors by up to 60%, enhancing productivity and ultimately increasing profits.
Quick data access also allows for immediate on-site corrections of any scanning errors.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically reduce human error by nearly 60%
  • Enhance worker efficiency and morale
  • Decrease scan time significantly
  • Offer ergonomic comfort and practicality – more lightweight and comfortable than handheld scanners
  • Improve traceability – simplifies data collection and processing

Wearable Barcode Scanners in Different Industries: Case Studies and Applications

Wearable barcode scanners have revolutionized inventory and supply chain management across a multitude of industries.

By providing hands-free operation and unparalleled efficiency, these devices have proven to be invaluable in various settings. Here are some case studies and applications highlighting their impact:

1. Retail and E-Commerce

Case Study:
A leading e-commerce giant implemented wearable ring scanners for their warehouse staff, resulting in a 30% increase in order picking speed and a significant reduction in errors.

Application: Streamlines inventory management and speeds up the processing of orders, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Wearable Scanner for Warehouse order picking application

2. Manufacturing

Wearable barcode scanner for manufacturing

Case Study:
An automotive manufacturer integrated glove scanners in their assembly line, leading to a 25% improvement in assembly time and better inventory tracking.

Application: Enables quick part identification and tracking, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.

3. Healthcare

Case Study:
A large hospital adopted wearable scanners for medication management, reducing medication errors by 40% and improving patient care.

Application: Assists in patient identification, and medication tracking, and ensures accurate patient care documentation.

Wearable Scanners for healthecare

4. Logistics and Transportation

Optimize Logistics and Transportation with EFFON Wearable Barcode Scanner

Case Study:
A logistics company equipped its staff with wearable scanners, resulting in a 35% increase in loading and unloading efficiency.

Application: Optimizes package handling and tracking, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.

5. Retail Inventory Management

Case Study:
A retail chain implemented wearable scanners for stock management, which reduced stocktaking time by 50%.

Application: Facilitates efficient stock management, reduces the time for restocking, and improves in-store customer service.

These case studies exemplify the versatility and efficiency of wearable barcode scanners, demonstrating their pivotal role in enhancing productivity and accuracy across various industries.

Optimize Retail Inventory Management with EFFON Wearable Glove Scanner

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Wearable Scanners?

Choosing the right wearable scanner for your business needs involves considering several important factors.

These considerations ensure that you select a device that not only meets your current requirements but also aligns with your long-term operational goals. Here are the key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Compatibility with Existing Systems

    Ensure the scanner integrates seamlessly with your current software and hardware systems.

    And whether they can provide you with the SDK and technical support teams to help you integrate with your warehouse system

  2. Ergonomics and Comfort

    Look for a design that is comfortable for prolonged use, especially in environments where scanners are used continuously.

  3. Scanning Performance and Range

    Determine the specific types of barcodes predominantly used in your warehouse and assess the requirements for scanning speed and distance in your operational context.

    Accordingly, select between one-dimensional or two-dimensional scanners, equipped with scanning heads tailored to your functional needs.

    Different models vary in price, so choosing the appropriate scanner is crucial for cost efficiency and optimal performance.

  4. Durability and Ruggedness

    Consider the working conditions. If the environment is harsh or involves outdoor usage, choose scanners that are robust and can withstand such conditions.

    Especially IP65 grade would be better.

  5. Battery Life and Charging Options

    Opt for scanners with long battery life and convenient charging options to minimize downtime.

    If you need support 3 shifts working, the removable battery design is your better choice

  6. Data Processing and Storage Capabilities

    Evaluate the processing speed and storage capacity, ensuring they meet your data handling requirements.

  7. Wireless Connectivity

    Check for reliable wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which are essential for real-time data transmission.

  8. Customizability and Scalability

    Consider whether the scanner can be customized to suit specific needs and if it can scale with your business growth.

  9. Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

    Analyze the cost of the scanner against the benefits and efficiencies it will bring to your operations.

  10. Support and Warranty

    Ensure there is adequate after-sales support and a solid warranty to protect your investment.

Considering these factors will guide you in choosing a wearable scanner that optimizes your operations, enhances efficiency, and delivers value to your business.

Long range Wearable Glove Scanner for Ikea warehouse

The Future of Wearable Barcode Scanning Technology: Trends and Predictions

As wearable barcode scanning technology progresses, several key trends and predictions are poised to transform the field significantly.

The integration with augmented reality (AR) is set to elevate the user experience, offering real-time informational overlays that enhance accuracy in logistics and inventory management.

The increasing involvement of the Internet of Things (IoT) will facilitate seamless data exchange, thereby boosting real-time decision-making efficiency.

Additionally, the convergence of wearable technology with robotics heralds a new era of automation, where the synergy between human and machine capabilities will optimize operational efficiency and accuracy in various industries.

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