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Welcome to EFFON, your source for advanced handheld computer PDAs renowned for their ruggedness and reliable performance. Our industrial-grade PDAs are specifically designed for the demanding environments of warehousing and logistics inventory management, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Discover our diverse range of handheld computer PDAs, tailored for applications in rugged industrial settings, supermarket inventory management, express logistics, delivery and pickup services, and the catering industry. We are equipped to meet your specific needs.

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HS60 Android Mobile Computer
TA10 Android Mobile Computer
TA11 Android Mobile Computer
HS03 Android Mobile Computer
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TA12 Android Handheld Computer
01: HS60 Android Mobile Computer

HS60 Android Mobile Computer

The HS60 Android Mobile Computer is a top-tier industrial-grade handheld device designed for tough environments. Protected against dust and water with an IP66 rating.

It boasts a 5.93-inch HD display, durable enough for rugged use, and powered by a Cortex-A53 Octa-core 64-bit processor, ensuring swift and efficient operations. With 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage, it handles multiple applications smoothly.

Equipped with a Honeywell N6703 barcode scanner, it excels in fast and accurate barcode scanning, enhancing productivity in inventory and tracking tasks.

02: TA10 Android Mobile Computer

TA10 Android Mobile Computer

Experience unmatched efficiency with the TA10 Android Handheld Scanner, designed to outperform with its advanced OCTA-core A73 2.1GHz processor—30% faster than similar models.

Operating on Android 10.0, it delivers a stable and smooth experience tailored for professional use. Effortlessly scan any 1D and 2D barcodes, including worn or faded ones, with its superior scanning technology.

A 6000mAh removable battery with 18W fast charging ensures you’re always ready. Its ergonomic, IP67-rated design offers both durability and comfort for all-day use.

03: TA11 Android Mobile Computer

TA11 Android Handheld Computer for Medical

The TA11 Android Mobile Computer is a stylish device optimized for healthcare environments. It features an enterprise-class Android OS, an Octa-core CPU, and an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for faster, more stable connections with lower power usage and simultaneous multi-device pairing.

The TA11 includes a top-tier professional 1D/2D scan engine, developed with Zebra, ensuring quick and accurate barcode and QR code reading under any condition. With a 5000mAh battery and 18W fast charging, it supports intensive, all-day data acquisition and operation.

Durable, with IP65-rated dust and water resistance and a 1.5-meter drop tolerance, the TA11 excels in demanding healthcare settings.