Magnetic stripe card reader

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader


Effon stands at the forefront as the premier manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Magnetic Stripe Card Readers in China. Our products are designed for versatility, supporting bi-directional swipe reading and allowing users to selectively obtain track information from Tracks 1, 2, and 3, fully adhering to ISO technical standards.

For those in search of a dependable Magnetic Stripe Card Reader manufacturer, Effon is committed to fulfilling your specific requirements. Reach out to us now to secure a comprehensive quote swiftly!


Magnetic stripe card reader

Hot Selling Magnetic Stripe Card Reader


You’ll find a lot of types of Magnetic stripe card readers. They come in different interfaces. Feel free to contact us to customize your unique interface magnetic card reader


The MSR90 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader is engineered for precision and efficiency, designed to seamlessly decode the information encoded on the magnetic stripes of various plastic cards. This includes a wide array of cards such as credit cards, Thailand’s driver’s license cards, debit cards, identity cards, and access control cards.

Versatile Data Reading: Capable of interpreting up to 3 tracks of data, the MSR90 is compatible with multiple data formats including ISO7811, AAMVA, CADMV, among others, ensuring broad application use.

Enhanced Durability and Reliability: With bi-directional swipe reading, it excels in reading cards that are high jitter, scratched, or worn, proving its reliability through over 800,000 card swipes.

User-Friendly Configuration Software: To cater to diverse needs, the MSR90 comes with easy-to-use configuration software. This allows for the effortless customization of prefixes and suffixes, as well as the option to enable or disable tracks 1 and 3 to suit specific requirements.

Specification MSR90 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Size: Length: 90mm, Width: 26mm, Height:28mm
Weight: 77g
CPU: 32bit MCU
Electrical: DC 4.5V-5.0V 25mA
ISO Standard: Track1 210bpi, 79 Alphanumeric Characters
Track2 75bpi, 40 Numeric characters
Track3 210bpi, 107
Performance: Swipe direction: Bidirectional
Free software & Manual: Yes
Free plastic rail/ Magnetic slot: Yes
Card thickness: Plastic 0.76 ± 0.08mm
Error rate: Less than 0.5%
Head function: Read only 1.5mm
Features: With indication of light Low power consumption, good compatibility Easy Programmable
Cards Standard: ISO, AAMVA, CADMV
OS: MAC, Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, Vista, Android
Lifetime of Header: 800,000 card passes (1 pass one swipe)
Temperature: Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 50 C
Humidity: Relative Humidity: -20 %~ 70 % rh
Applications: Any movable data collection (Trade shows, Racing events)
Point of sales
Law enforcement (DMV card)
Attendance (Student ID, Membership card)
Conference Attendance
Classroom Attendance
Meeting Attendance
Door Locking Systems

Thailand Vehicle Management Application

In Thailand, a specialized application of Magnetic Stripe Card Readers is integrated into the vehicle management system, particularly for managing public and commercial vehicles such as buses, taxis, and trucks. These card readers are part of a comprehensive system designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance in the transportation sector.

  • Driver’s License Swiping: Bus, taxi, and truck drivers must swipe their licenses in the vehicle’s card reader. This reader captures the driver’s ID and license details.

  • GPS Tracker Integration: The card reader links to the vehicle’s GPS to monitor location, speed, and route in real time, ensuring only authorized drivers are at the wheel.

  • Data Management: The system logs vehicle use, driver identity, and driving patterns for fleet management, compliance, safety, and route optimization.

  • Safety and Compliance: This setup ensures vehicles are driven by licensed drivers only, enhancing safety, regulatory adherence, and fleet efficiency, leading to better service and satisfaction.

Magstripe Readers used for POINT OF SALES

Magstripe Readers for Point of Sales (POS) systems are designed for easy installation and are USB-powered, ensuring seamless operation.

With just a swipe, these readers can accurately capture up to three tracks of data, enhancing the checkout process.

They streamline payments by enabling quick verification of card details and transaction processing. This reduces manual data entry and minimizes error risks, making Magstripe readers a favored choice in fast-paced retail and hospitality environments for secure and efficient payment processing. It is also widely used to swipe the membership card, gift card, etc.

Why Choose Effon

Select EFFON for your magnetic stripe card reader requirements. We customize magnetic stripe card readers with a variety of interfaces to suit your specific needs

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Quality Assurance: As a leading manufacturer and wholesaler, we maintain the highest standards of quality and performance in every product.

Innovative Solutions: Continuously evolving, our products incorporate the latest technologies to keep you ahead in a competitive market.

Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your needs, offering personalized service and support to ensure seamless integration of our Magnetic stripe card reader into your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? We are happy to answer all your queries.

Which protocol magnetic reader do you have?

We have USB, RS232 and TTL communication protocol

Can You Make Custom of the mag stripe reader?

Yes, we can customize different interfaces of the magnetic card reader based on your project. Such as 4pin, 8pin, 14pin and 16pin etc

What is Your MOQ For The Order?

You can order as few as one unit of whichever product you like. We deliver the scanner following your specifications.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

For projects in Thailand, we can provide two units mag stripe reader that Thai GPS-compatible machines for testing.

What kinds of interface of the magnetic reader do you have?

We have USB, RS232, PS2 and TT interface

Is this machine heat resistant?

Yes, it’s got to be, it’s heat resistant up to 90°C;

Will you provide us with the Configuration Software?

Yes, Our MSR90 Reader is complemented by user-friendly configuration software, developed to address a wide range of needs. This software simplifies the customization process, allowing users to easily adjust prefixes and suffixes, and to choose whether to activate or deactivate tracks 1 and 3, tailoring the device to meet specific operational requirements.

The lead time and How long does it take to ship?

Samples we usually have in stock, for bulk orders, it usually takes 15 days for production.
We usually deliver by DHL/FedEx/UPS, and it will take about a week for delivered

Have More Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and company.

A Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Comprehensive Guide


This guide is designed to help you select a magnetic card reader that aligns with your business requirements.

Table of Contents

    What is a Magnetic Stripe Card Reader?

    A magnetic stripe reader deciphers data encoded on the magnetic stripes of plastic cards, such as credit cards, membership cards, gift cards, Thai driver’s licenses, and more. These stripes store diverse information, including access privileges, account numbers, and cardholder details, enabling a wide range of transactions and access controls.

    What is the advantage of a magnetic stripe reader?

    Magnetic stripe readers offer several advantages that have contributed to their widespread use in various industries, particularly in retail, banking, and security. Here are some of the key benefits:

    1. Ease of Use: Plug and Play, no need for any driver. Magnetic stripe readers are straightforward to operate. Users simply need to swipe their card through the reader, making transactions quick and efficient.
    2. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to other types of card reading technologies, magnetic stripe readers are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and purchase. This makes them an accessible option for many businesses.
    3. Compatibility: The magnetic stripe card format is standardized and widely adopted, It works with both Windows and Mac operating systems and may be used on both desktop and laptop computers
    4. Speed of Transactions: Magnetic stripe readers can quickly read data from a card and process transactions, minimizing wait times for customers and enhancing the overall efficiency of service.

    How do magnetic swipe cards work?

    The MagStripe Swipe Card Reader, equipped with a USB interface, offers a seamless Plug and Play experience. Simply connect it to a Windows PC or laptop, open any text, word, or Excel document, and you’re ready to swipe stripe cards and upload their data effortlessly. It supports bi-directional swiping, making it easy and smooth to read track1, track2, and track3 data. The video below provides insights into how the magnetic stripe card reader operates.


    The MagStripe Swipe Card Reader is equipped with an RS232 & USB interface, It’s powered by the USB interface, and it’s communication and transfer of data by the RS232 interface; The video below provides insights into how the magnetic stripe card reader operates.


    Magstripe Readers' interface types

    From the content provided, you will gain insights into the various interface options available for magnetic stripe readers, including detailed definitions of their PIN interfaces and how they are applied in different contexts. This information is essential for understanding how magnetic stripe readers can be tailored to meet specific operational needs.

    From 2016 to 2024, we have requested the production of a variety of Magstripe Readers, with the most in-demand being the Molex 3.0mm 4-pin and 8-pin and DB connectors for Magstripe readers.

    These Magstripe readers have gained significant popularity, particularly in Thailand, for their application in vehicle tracking systems.

    They enable seamless integration with GPS trackers, allowing the system to capture a driver’s license number to confirm the driver’s identity. This capability is invaluable for boosting vehicle security and overseeing driver behavior.

    Molex 3.0 16 PIN connector for GPS Tracker

    For the GPS Tracker, we use the Molex 3.0 16 PIN connector, below are the Magstripe Readers PIN definitions:

    Red: Power Supply
    Black: Ground
    Green: RX (Receive)
    White: TX (Transmit)


    1. PIN Interface Type: Molex 3.0mm.
    2. For pins not defined above, please extend them with wires of different colors.
    The wires for the defined PINs (Red, Black, Green, White) should have a length of 140CM, while the other 10 wires should be 45CM long.
    3. baud rate: 9600
    4. Encase the connector cable assembly to ensure the cables remain secure and do not become loose, as illustrated below.

    Function requirements of buzzer:
    The Buzzer also can be controlled by the upper PC server’s command, command
    format as:
    Send ” BZ01Tnnn” to turn on Buzzer for”nnnn” millisecond
    Example: Reader receive one of BZ01T0500 command, it responds one sound the
    sound last for 500ms
    Send “BZ00” to turn off Buzzer

    DB9 connector for GPS Tracker

    Magnetic stripe card reader

    The DB9 connector is used for GPS Tracker connections and receives power from PIN 9. The RS232 communication protocol outlines the PIN definitions as follows:

    Green PIN 3: TX1 (Transmit)
    White PIN 2: RX1 (Receive)
    Red PIN 9: Power (5 Volt)
    Black PIN 5: GND (Ground)

    Additionally, the GPS Tracker features a built-in buzzer, which can be controlled via commands from an upper PC server. The commands for the buzzer are:

    To activate the buzzer for a specified duration in milliseconds, send “BZ01Tnnnn”. For example, the command “BZ01T0500” will turn on the buzzer for 500 milliseconds.
    To turn off the buzzer, send “BZ00”.

    The baud rate is set at 9600.

    4PIN connector for GPS Tracker


    For the GPS Tracker, a 4PIN connector is utilized with the following PIN definitions:

    Red: VCC 12V (Power)
    White: TXD (Transmit Data)
    Green: RXD (Receive Data)
    Black: Gnd (Ground)

    Key specifications include:

    1. A protective shell is necessary, but no additional devices are required.
    2. The cable length should be 0.6 meters.
    3. The indicator light turns green with each scan. If all three tracks are successfully read, the green LED light flashes once. If not, it flashes twice.
    4. The device communicates via a serial port.
    5. The baud rate: 9600



    The interfaces described above are commonly utilized by our customers. For further information on customizing the Magstripe reader to suit your specific needs, please feel free to contact us

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