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Wearable Scanner

For those demanding warehouse applications, EFFON Wearable Scanner offers an exceptional blend of cost-effectiveness and performance, boosting productivity without breaking the bank.

The Ultimate Wearable Scanner for Versatile Enterprise Use

Modern workers expect wearable devices to be sleek, compact, and intuitive, requiring minimal training for effective use. Meanwhile, your enterprise demands a device that fits seamlessly into both customer-facing and warehouse settings, offers a variety of wearable configurations for maximum flexibility, and has a rugged construction for a long lifecycle and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Additionally, you need scanning capabilities tailored to your specific operational environment and backroom accessories that minimize management time and expenses. With the EFFON Bluetooth Wearable Scanner, now you can meet all these requirements effortlessly.

EFFON EF02 Wearable Barcode Scanner

EF02 Wearable Ring Scanner

EF02, the first industrial-grade IP65 Bluetooth ring scanner. With the EF02, experience the perfect blend of durability and ergonomic design, ensuring both optimal functionality and user comfort for your workforce. This pioneering device is not just a tool, but a seamless extension of the user, revolutionizing data capture processes in logistics and manufacturing industries.


Model EFFON EF02 Wearable Barcode Scanner EF02 NS02-wearable-scanner NS02 EFFON T3 Bluetooth Ring Scanner T3 FS03-Wearable-Scanner FS03
Trigger Button Trigger Button Trigger/Touch Scan Touch Button Button Trigger
Triggers Life ALPS brand 10 million times ALPS brand 10 million times / /
Weight 65g 45g 26g 40g
Battery Capacity Li-on 550mAh removable Li-on 550mAh removable working 23 hours/16584 scans Li-on 600mAh can't removable
Shell Material PC+TPU PC+TPU PC+ TPU ABS
Charging ways Charging docks and Mag cable optional Charging docks and Mag cable optional Charging docks USB Cable
Drop Test Multiple 1.5m drops to concrete over the operating temperature range Multiple 1.5m drops to concrete over the operating temperature range / 1.2m 200times
Tumble tests 1M 2000 times 1M 2000 times 1,000 3.94ft./1.2m tumbles /
IP Level IP65 IP65 IP65 IP54

Why Choose EFFON

Your Premier Choice: EFFON’s Wearable Scanning Solutions

EFFON’s R&D team brings 15 years of innovation in barcode scanner technology and Android software development, ensuring you benefit from a legacy of industry leadership.

EFFON ensures affordability without compromising on quality.
Our direct-from-factory pricing model offers a cost-effective advantage, allowing you to invest in top-tier scanning solutions while optimizing your budgetary allocations.

EFFON doesn’t just sell products; we create bespoke solutions tailored to the unique demands of your business, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

EFFON offers a comprehensive 2-year warranty, exceeding standard expectations. Any quality issues within this timeframe are resolved free of charge. Post-warranty, you can rely on our cost-effective support, incurring only material costs without yearly fees.


All You Need To Know About Barcode Scanner

Understanding the world of barcode scanners is essential for businesses looking to streamline their operations. From retail stores to warehouses, these devices play a crucial role in inventory management, data collection, and efficient workflow processes. Here’s all you need to know about barcode scanners:


For inventory tracking and point-of-sale transactions.

For package tracking and warehouse management.

For patient identification and medication tracking.

For tracking parts and finished goods.

Depending on the work environment, rugged designs may be necessary.

Crucial for wireless scanners to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Varies from short-range to long-range scanning needs.

With existing software and systems.

Common in retail, these are manual devices that require pointing and clicking.

Often found at checkout counters, they scan barcodes as items pass over them. And Widely used for all kiosk solution

Such as glove or ring scanners, offering hands-free operation.

These devices combine scanning with computing capabilities.

The speed at which a scanner can read barcodes.

Types of barcodes the scanner can interpret

 Single line, multiple lines, or omnidirectional.

COMS, Laser

Where The Wearable Scanner Used For?

Any time two hands are required to function in the workplace, wearable scanners are the best solution to allow workers to use both hands to pick faster and expand productivity dramatically while reducing errors and repetitive motions. EFFON’s wearable barcode scanners provide outstanding performance, leading to higher flexibility and uninterrupted workflows. Especially used for the following applications:

Inventory Management

Quick and accurate tracking of stock levels.

Order Picking

Streamlining the picking process by allowing workers to scan items without holding a device.

Loading and Unloading

Efficiently scanning items during loading and unloading of trucks.

Quality Control

Scanning components and finished products for quality checks.

Asset Tracking

Keeping track of tools and equipment within the facility.

Package Tracking

Scanning parcels during sorting and delivery

EF02 Wearable Scanners Parts

The EF02 Wearable Scanner is a sophisticated device, designed to enhance productivity and accuracy in various operations. Here are the key parts and components that make up the EF02 Wearable Scanner:

Ruggedness: Case of the Body

EFFON's wearable scanners are built with durability in mind, using high-quality materials similar to those employed in Zebra's rings. The combination of PC (Polycarbonate) and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) ensures a robust and impact-resistant body, capable of withstanding the rigors of demanding work environments.

Scan engines: Zebra's Brand Scan Engines

Our scanners are equipped with Zebra's renowned scan engines, known for their reliability and high-performance scanning capabilities. This integration guarantees accurate and swift barcode reading, enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

Trigger Button: ALPS Brand

To ensure longevity and reliability, we utilize ALPS brand trigger buttons, renowned for their quality. These buttons are designed to endure up to 10 million presses, offering a long service life even in high-usage scenarios.

Magnetic Charging Cable

EFFON's wearable scanners are equipped with a magnetic charging cable, designed to maximize durability and ease of use. The magnetic connection ensures that the cable attaches securely and effortlessly, reducing wear and tear from frequent plugging and unplugging. This feature not only extends the lifespan of the charging interface but also enhances the user experience.

Safety Certified Battery

Our batteries are produced in strict compliance with the quality system specified in DGR3., ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. To guarantee a secure operation, our batteries are meticulously designed with robust protection against short circuits. Additionally, we have implemented measures to prevent accidental activation, ensuring that the batteries operate only when intended.

How Does Wearable Scanner Work?

Wearable scanners operate by integrating cutting-edge scanning technology into compact, hands-free devices. Typically worn on the finger, wrist, or back of the hand, these scanners use optical sensors to capture and decode barcode information. The process is as follows:

  • Scanning: The user scans the pairing barcode, The device uses a light source, usually a laser or LED, to illuminate the barcode.
  • The scanner enters a pairing mode to establish a Bluetooth connection with the designated device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer. This is usually a one-time setup process. The next time it will connect automatically.
  • Capturing Data: The reflected light from the barcode is captured by the scanner’s sensor. This sensor converts the light patterns into digital data.
  • Decoding and Processing: The scanner’s onboard processor decodes this digital data into meaningful information, typically the alphanumeric characters represented by the barcode.
  • Transmission: The decoded data is then transmitted to a connected system, such as a computer or a mobile device, via wireless technologies like Bluetooth.
  • Feedback: The scanner provides immediate feedback to the user, often through a beep, vibration, or LED light, to indicate a successful scan.
  • Wearable scanners are designed for efficiency, allowing users to scan items while keeping their hands free for other tasks, thereby increasing productivity and reducing physical strain in work environments like warehouses, retail stores, and logistics.

Considerations When Buying Wearable Scanners

When purchasing wearable scanners, it’s important to consider several key factors to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs:

Durability and Build Quality

The scanner should be robust enough to withstand the rigors of your work environment, whether that's a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, or outdoors.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Since these devices are worn for extended periods, they should be comfortable and not cause fatigue or strain.

Battery Life and Power Management

Look for scanners with long battery life and efficient power management to avoid frequent recharging or battery swaps during shifts.

Scanning Performance

Ensure the scanner can quickly and accurately read barcodes, even in challenging conditions such as poor lighting or damaged labels.

Wireless Connectivity

Stable Bluetooth is very important; Check the range and reliability of wireless connectivity to ensure seamless integration with your systems.


Make sure the scanner meets necessary industry standards and certifications. For example: CE, FCC, RoHS and MSDS, etc

User-Friendly Design

The device should be intuitive and easy to use, with minimal training required.

Support and Warranty

Consider the level of customer after-sales support and warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Compatibility and Integration

The scanner should easily integrate with your existing systems and software.

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