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At EFFON, we take pride in supplying our clients with world-class and high-quality standard and custom-made industrial Barcode Scanners

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Discover How We Enhance Our Customers’ Warehouse Productivity for businesses like yours. From customizable glove scanners to advanced wearable barcode devices, our technology is engineered for speed, accuracy, and worker guidance. Elevate your logistics and manufacturing operations with EFFON today.

Guarantee Precision and Quality in Scanning
Learn how EFFON's holistic approach, combining hardware and software, enhances barcode scanning readability and accuracy. Minimize errors and elevate the overall efficiency of your warehouse operations.keeping your operations running smoothly regardless of your geographic location.
Elevate Worker Health and Safety
Maintaining constant productivity requires devices to be consistently available and fully functional. With EFFON's scanning solutions, you can monitor and track device status, and even prevent misplaced scanners. Stay up-to-date with crucial device information in real-time, no matter your location.
Streamline Processes and Layout
To gain comprehensive insights into shop floor activities, additional data is essential. With EFFON's Wearable scanning solutions, you have a continual perspective on process performance, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for optimal warehouse layout and efficiency.
Enhance Worker Health, Safety and Productivity
The well-being and safety of your workforce are directly linked to their productivity in warehouse operations. EFFON's ergonomic wearable barcode scanners are designed for natural movement, promoting safer workflows on the shop floor. This results in fewer injuries and increased productivity. Our hands-free design not only makes scanning effortless but also aligns with safety guidelines, thereby elevating overall workplace safety.
Optimize Worker Guidance and Workflows
Workers often require clear answers to essential questions: Where should I go next? What items need processing? Was the last scan accurate? EFFON's advanced scanning solutions offer the technology to facilitate effective worker guidance and workflow management. Utilizing real-time device data, you can continuously monitor and fine-tune your processes. Begin your journey toward sustained operational efficiency with EFFON Wearable Scanners
Boost Employee Satisfaction
Boost Employee Satisfaction and Retention for Long-Term Success. Achieving sustained productivity gains necessitates a stable and skilled workforce. Equipping your team with EFFON's advanced scanning tools not only enhances the work environment but also boosts your brand's reputation in a competitive job market. The tangible and perceived improvements in your shop floor operations serve as a strategic advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.
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EFFON’s strong R&D teams offer flexible, tailored services to meet your specific needs.


Your Reliable Barcode Scanners Manufacturer

Recognized as an industry leader, EFFON excels in developing, designing, and manufacturing advanced wearable barcode and glove scanners. All our products meet stringent European and North American safety and quality standards.

Optimize Your Workflow with Our Cutting-Edge Scanners
We aim to provide you with scanning technology that sets new standards in speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency. EFFON is dedicated to delivering reliable wearable barcode scanners, tailor-made to enhance your logistics and manufacturing operations. Our focus is on providing solutions that achieve the ideal balance of speed, accuracy, and cost.

Endorsed by over 2,000 industrial clients globally, EFFON has solidified its position as a pioneer in barcode scanning technology. Our hands-free scanners are more than just tools;


Drop Test
Tumble Test
Water-proof Test
Low-temperature Test

Trusted by WORLD CLASS Companies

More than 2,120 companies from 50+ countries trust us, the count is increasing.

Why Choose EFFON

Why Do Over 480+ Global Clients Choose to Partner with EFFON?

Trust, reliability, and innovation are just a few of the reasons why more than 550 clients worldwide prefer to work with EFFON. Experience for yourself the advantages of our advanced barcode scanning solutions and see why we are the preferred choice for optimizing logistics and manufacturing workflows.

Strong ODM & OEM Ability

We offer a wide range of customization options, from your brand logo and packaging to specific hardware features. Additionally, we can tailor your scanning solutions to integrate seamlessly with your existing warehousing software.

Quality Control

We take product quality seriously for you. Each scanner will checked carefully by the QC before shipping, ensure that you will receive zebras equal wearable scanners And with 24 months quality warranty

Flexible MOQ

MOQ is flexible. Please send an inquiry if you are interested in the custom wearable scanners. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality service at a competitive price.

Speed of Delivery

EFFON ship by DHL/Fedex/UPS, and you will receive the goods within a week. We also have an FBA warehouse, and fast delivery to minimize operational downtime.


EFFON's R&D team with over 15 years of experience introduces over 3-5 new barcode scanning solutions annually, keeping you ahead of the technological curve.

Instant Response

EFFON offers rapid customer support and technical assistance, ensuring that any queries or issues are addressed promptly. Our commitment to instant response enhances your operational continuity and minimizes downtime.


Customer Real Feedback & Reviews

The wearable barcode scanner from EFFON has significantly improved our logistics workflow. Its hands-free design allows our team to work more efficiently, reducing processing time. The scanner’s accuracy is impressive, ensuring reliable data capture. However, I would recommend enhancing the battery life for extended usage.”
Feedback on Glove Scanner

Mark Shenng


EFFON’s glove scanner is a game-changer in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. It fits comfortably and the scanning speed is excellent. The integration with our existing systems was seamless. One suggestion is to offer more sizes to accommodate all hand sizes within our diverse team

Jane Roberts

United States

We’ve been testing various barcode scanners and EFFON’s scanners stand out for their durability and robustness, especially in our challenging warehouse environment. The scanning accuracy is consistent, and the devices are user-friendly. An area for improvement could be the wireless range for more flexibility in larger spaces

Ahmed Khan


My experience with EFFON has been very positive. The sales team was responsive and knowledgeable, which made the procurement process smooth. The technical support provided was helpful, especially considering our limited technical expertise. It would be beneficial to have more detailed product documentation for future reference

Emily Chang


Common Questions

Answering All Your Concerns with Barcode Scanners

We understand that our customers often have similar queries. That’s why we’ve gathered and addressed the most frequently asked questions—covering over 80% of common inquiries—right here for your convenience. Feel free to explore and get the insights you need to make an informed decision.

Send us the inquiry to get a quote on the website, and we will reply to you within 2-8 hours; or you can click WhatsApp and talk with us online and get a response quickly; For bulk orders, pls send us an email to get some discount

We usually ship the goods by DHL/Fedex/UPS. And it will take about a week you can received the goods

Paypal, credit card, and bank transfers are available

In response to the global call for renewable energy, we use environmentally friendly packaging materials

We offer you a 24 months warranty on our high-quality machines and technical support

Yes, we get CE, FCC, Rohs, Drop test, High-Low temperature test, Rolling test, etc

We are a factory, and we offer factory-direct prices with excellent quality and worry-free service. Please come and send us an inquiry here!

Sure, we can design the machine according to your requirements(Logo, label, Bluetooth function hardware customization, ect)
We will also provide you with expert guidance at the same time, based on our many years of experience in the industry.

We offer EXW FOB and DAP delivery terms

Standard sample scanners are in stock, we will arrange the delivery right away when you pay, And you will get them within a week.
Customized scanners: It needs to take about 2-3 days to arrange the delivery

Yes, we get CE, FCC, Rohs, Drop test, High-Low temperature test, Rolling test, etc

Paypal, Credit card, and bank transfers are available

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Seeing EFFON Glove Scanners in Action?

EFFON offers wearable scanning solutions to help you work smarter, not harder.  Take the next step in optimizing your logistics and manufacturing processes today.

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Whatsapp : +8613714450557

Your email information will be kept strictly confidential and our business staff will ensure that your private information is absolutely safe!

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