The Ultimate Guide: 10 Key Factors for Choosing Wearable Barcode Scanners in Warehouses

This comprehensive guide on wearable barcode scanners will provide you with essential insights into the key factors to consider when selecting these devices for your warehouse operations


Navigating the maze of wearable barcode scanners for your warehouse can be daunting. But fret not! This guide will walk you through 10 essential factors to ensure you make the best choice for your warehouse.

Compatibility with Warehouse Management Systems

Before diving into features, It’s crucial to ensure that the wearable barcode scanners you choose can seamlessly integrate with your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS).

This compatibility minimizes disruptions and training requirements. Look for scanners that can communicate effectively with your WMS, allowing for real-time updates and efficient data processing.

You can ask the supplier whether they can provide SDK and whether they can provide technical support during integration; Generally, if the company has an Android engineer, they will have the ability to help you solve the the integrated problem you may have.

Ergonomic Design and User Comfort

Remember, your team will be wearing these devices for hours.  Prioritize ergonomic designs that offer comfort, reduce fatigue, and increase productivity

Choose scanners with a design that reduces strain on the user, especially during long hours of operation. Features like adjustable straps, lightweight construction, and a balanced design contribute to user comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Especially the weight of the scanners is also the main factor you need to consider. The smallest and most lightweight scanners enable you to wear them on the finger for a whole day’s work and won’t feel tired

Wearable scanners offer a notable improvement in efficiency and user-friendliness over traditional handheld models

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Scanning Efficiency and Accuracy

The core function of any barcode scanner is its ability to scan efficiently and accurately. Look for scanners that can quickly read barcodes from various distances and angles and perform well in different lighting conditions. High efficiency and accuracy reduce the time spent on each scan and minimize errors in data collection.

  • You need to confirm what types of barcodes your warehouse mainly needs to scan, 1D, 2D, PDF417, Datamatrix, etc. After confirming the types of barcodes, you will know to buy wearable scanners with 1D  or 2D scan engines
  • Do you have any requests on the decoding distance? How long? Different scan engines it’s decoding speeds, and distances are different
  • The scanner resolution is also critical, it’s related to how fast barcodes you can decode

Durability and Resistance to Warehouse Conditions

Warehouses can be harsh environments for electronic devices. Your wearable barcode scanners should be robust enough to withstand drops, dust, and temperature variations. Look for devices with a high IP (Ingress Protection) rating, indicating their level of resistance to environmental factors.

It would help if you determined your usage scenario. For example, if you are a home furnishing factory, then you need to give priority to an industrial-grade IP65 ring scanner, which is sturdy and durable; because the home furnishing industry often encounters collisions, civilian-level scanners will be damaged very quickly.

Battery Life and Charging Options

The battery life of wearable scanners is a critical consideration. Choose devices with long-lasting batteries that can support a full shift or more. Additionally, consider the charging options available – are they convenient and quick? Having replaceable batteries or fast-charging capabilities can significantly reduce downtime.

Wireless Connectivity and Range

Connectivity stability is crucial. Your scanners should stay connected regardless of where your team is in the warehouse. Consistent and robust wireless performance is key to uninterrupted operations.

You can ask the supplier what Bluetooth version to use. Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 3.5, etc. In addition, is the Bluetooth module produced in China or imported? Generally, imported Bluetooth solutions are relatively stable and will not cause Bluetooth to disconnect during your operation.

At the same time, you also need to consider how far is the transmission distance of Bluetooth in the open air, and how far is the transmission distance when there are obstacles.

Product labeling and packaging

Whether the product is printed with product-related information, such as serial number, batch, etc.; whether the packaging of the product is environmentally friendly, whether the accessories are complete, and whether there are defects; this is also a factor we consider

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

Evaluate the cost of the scanners against the benefits they bring to your operation. This includes considering not only the initial purchase price but also the long-term costs such as maintenance, software updates, and potential downtime. The ideal choice offers a balance of features and performance at a reasonable cost.

Support, Warranty, and Service Options

After-sales support is as important as the product itself. Check the warranty terms and the availability of customer service and technical support. A good warranty and accessible support can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership and provide peace of mind.

What factors I need to consider when choosing the supplier

Evaluate the supplier’s strengths, like having an in-house R&D and engineering team for technical support and integration solutions. Check for manufacturing capabilities, supply capacity, and whether they support OEM/ODM services.

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