How to Choose the Right Wearable Barcode Scanner for Your Warehouse?

Learn how to choose the right wearable barcode scanner for your warehouse, its benefits, types, and more in this comprehensive guide.

Many overlook the importance of specialized equipment in their operational environments.

Yet, investing in the right Wearable technology is crucial for businesses aiming to elevate efficiency and accuracy in logistics. Particularly, wearable barcode scanners are essential for enhancing operational workflow and ergonomics.

Unlike traditional scanners, wearable barcode scanners offer unmatched convenience and streamline tasks.

These devices facilitate a seamless, sophisticated operation, optimizing time and resources. Moreover, EFFON’s wearable barcode scanners provide added durability and reliability, essential for demanding industrial environments.

Are you prepared to upgrade to superior wearable barcode scanners for your operations?

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to select and implement the optimal scanning solutions from EFFON. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Wearable Glove Scanner for Amazon warehouse

What Is a Wearable Barcode Scanner?

A wearable barcode scanner is a type of scanner that is designed to be worn on the hand or attached to a glove.

These scanners are known for their ability to streamline tasks, reduce manual errors, and increase productivity in a fast-paced warehouse environment.

Allows for hands-free scanning, enabling workers in various industries, such as logistics, manufacturing, and retail, to scan barcodes more efficiently and ergonomically.

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The Benefit of a Wearable Barcode Scanner

Here are some potential benefits you can enjoy from Wearable Barcode Scanners.

  1. Hands-free Operation: Wearable scanners allow workers to scan items without needing to pick up and put down a handheld scanner repeatedly.
    This hands-free operation can lead to faster and more efficient processing of tasks, such as inventory management, order picking, and package handling.
  2. Ergonomic Design: These scanners are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, reducing strain and fatigue associated with traditional scanning devices.
    They can be worn on a finger, wrist, or attached to a glove, allowing for natural movements and less physical stress.
  3. Increased Productivity: By streamlining the scanning process, wearable barcode scanners can significantly increase the number of scans per hour a worker can perform.
    This increase in productivity can lead to quicker order fulfillment, faster inventory turnover, and improved overall workflow.
  4. Reduced Error Rates: Wearable scanners can help reduce the likelihood of errors by ensuring that barcodes are scanned correctly the first time.
    This accuracy is crucial in environments where mistakes can lead to costly delays or customer dissatisfaction.
  5. Enhanced Mobility: With wireless connectivity, wearable scanners offer greater mobility to workers, allowing them to move freely around the warehouse or store without being tethered to a fixed scanning station.
    This mobility is particularly beneficial in large warehouse environments or when tasks require movement across different areas.
  6. Improved Data Management: The integration of wearable scanners with warehouse management systems (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems allows for real-time data capture and analysis.
    This integration can lead to better inventory control, efficient tracking of goods, and more informed decision-making.
  7. Versatility: Wearable scanners can be used in various settings, including warehouses, retail stores, logistics centers, and manufacturing plants, making them a versatile tool for different types of businesses.

By incorporating wearable barcode scanners into their operations, businesses can achieve a more efficient, productive, and ergonomic workflow, leading to improved performance and reduced operational costs.

Glove Scanner for amazon warehouse

Why Wearable Barcode Scanners for Order Picking Operations?

Wearable Glove Barcode Scanners are particularly well-suited for order-picking operations due to their ability to streamline the process, reduce error rates, and increase productivity.

These devices enable workers to scan items quickly and accurately while keeping their hands free, which is essential for efficiently picking orders and handling products.

The hands-free operation minimizes the need to pick up and set down a handheld scanner, thus speeding up the process and reducing physical strain.

Additionally, wearable scanners can improve accuracy in order picking, as they allow for immediate scanning and verification of items against the order list, reducing the likelihood of errors.
This accuracy is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction and minimizing returns or corrections.

Integration with warehouse management systems (WMS) is another significant advantage.
Wearable scanners can provide real-time updates to the inventory system, ensuring that stock levels are immediately adjusted, and order statuses are updated promptly, which helps in maintaining inventory accuracy and enabling efficient order tracking.

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Types of Wearable Barcode Scanners

Let’s explore different types of wearable scanners to help you pick the one suitable for your needs.

1. Ring Scanners: Ring scanners are compact, wearable barcode scanners that fit on a finger, allowing workers to easily switch to the left or right hand. Hands-free operation, and increased worker efficiency.

They are used in applications like warehouse inventory management, retail stocktaking, package handling and sorting in logistics, and manufacturing processes for tracking components and assembly line items.

scanning glove scanner

2. Corded Ring Scanners: A corded ring scanner is a wired ring-shaped device that connects to another device via a cable, utilizing OTG (On-The-Go) technology for communication. It is powered directly by the connected device, eliminating the need for an internal battery.

Ideal for high-volume scanning environments such as assembly lines or large retail outlets. They ensure uninterrupted scanning during long shifts, supporting workers in the continuous tracking of products throughout the manufacturing or sales process.

3. Glove Scanners: Glove Scanner can also be named Wrist-Mount Scanners; A glove scanner integrates a barcode reader into a wearable glove, It enables hands-free barcode scanning, allowing workers to scan items efficiently without needing to pick up a separate device.

This innovation enhances productivity and reduces the time spent on scanning tasks in environments like logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing

It’s widely used in logistics for package handling, in retail for inventory management, and in manufacturing for tracking components.  

MS02 Wearable Glove Scanner

Robust Glove Barcode Scanner

Effon Glove Scanner provides high-precision glove scanning, perfect for hands-on inventory control and operational excellence in demanding environments.

4. Android Wearable Computer: It’s an Android-based all-in-one wearable mobile computer, that combining a compact design with powerful computing capabilities. It is designed for hands-free operation in various industries.

Ring scanners, integrated with such devices, are used in applications like warehousing for efficient inventory management, retail for streamlined checkout processes, logistics for rapid package tracking, and manufacturing for real-time product assembly monitoring.

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How to Choose the Right Wearable Barcode Scanner?

If you’re considering integrating wearable barcode scanners into your warehouse operations, here are some key factors that you need to consider before picking Wearable Scanners for your warehouse.

  1. Weight of the Wearable Scanners: Given the need for continuous use in warehouses, the scanner’s weight is crucial. They should be light enough for comfortable extended wear without causing fatigue.
  2. Communication Ways and Compatibility: Ensure the scanners connect seamlessly with your systems via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other protocols, guaranteeing compatibility with your network and devices.
  3. Battery Life: In logistics and assembly operations, long battery life is essential to avoid constant recharging.
    Confirm the operational hours of your warehouse and choose scanners with removable batteries and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to support prolonged use.
  4. Scan Range: Considering the varying heights of warehouse shelves, a scanner with an appropriate scan range for both close-up and distant items is necessary.
  5. Durability: Select scanners capable of withstanding the warehouse environment’s challenges, such as drops, dust, and moisture.
  6. Employee Satisfaction: Prioritize ergonomic design and ease of use in the scanners to enhance user acceptance and productivity.
  7. Support and Warranty: Ensure the provision of strong after-sales support and a comprehensive warranty to minimize any operational interruptions.


In today’s business landscape, efficiency and security are paramount, making the integration of advanced technologies like wearable barcode scanners essential.
By adopting these scanners, companies can not only streamline their operational processes but also enhance the security and tracking of their inventory.

With their superior scanning capabilities, ease of use, and ergonomic design, these scanners have become a staple in both warehouse and retail environments.

Amidst rising operational costs, it’s crucial to opt for solutions that promise energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
EFFON’s wearable barcode scanners, with their long battery life and durable design, offer a sustainable option to reduce overheads.

So why wait? Invest in these cost-effective, robust scanners to revolutionize your business operations.

Enhance Your Warehouse Productivity with Wearable Scanners from EFFON

Are you ready to revolutionize your warehouse operations? Whether you need wearable barcode scanners with specific features or custom designs, EFFON provides a comprehensive range of scanning solutions.
We offer an extensive selection of scanners in various sizes and specifications.

Our experts can assist you in identifying which wearable barcode scanners are ideally suited to your business needs, ensuring seamless integration into your operations.

Whether you need efficient inventory management, expedited checkout processes, or enhanced logistical tracking, EFFON has the solution.
Our products are energy-efficient, built for durability, and designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

Contact us today to elevate your operational efficiency with EFFON’s high-quality wearable barcode scanners!

Boost your business with our high quality services

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