DPM Industrial Barcode Scanner Buying Guide: How to Choose a DPM Scanner?

You’ll learn the ins and outs of DPM industrial barcode scanners, including their features, benefits, and application areas. This guide will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a DPM wireless barcode scanner.

DPM Industrial barcode scanner

What are DPM barcodes?

DPM stands for Direct Part Marking, a method used to track and trace parts throughout their lifecycle. Unlike traditional barcodes, DPM barcodes are directly etched or marked onto an item, making them crucial for industries where labels can’t be used. A DPM wireless barcode scanner, therefore, must be robust enough to accurately scan these unique markings.

DPM barcode scanners are designed to read these specific types of markings, which are crucial for tracking items throughout their lifecycle, especially in industries like manufacturing and logistics.

Those Features You Need to Know When Buy the DPM Industrial Barcode Scanner

When selecting a DPM wireless industrial barcode scanner, consider these key features:

  1. Durability
    In an industrial environment, your scanner needs to withstand tough conditions. Look for rugged designs with high IP ratings for dust and water resistance. So the industrial barcode scanner DPM is a very important factor for the manufacturing
  2. Battery Life
    Operations don’t stop, and neither should your scanner. Opt for industrial scanners with long battery life and efficient power management (source)
  3. Scanning Range
    Depending on your needs, choose a scanner with an appropriate scanning range and depth of field. This ensures efficiency in your specific operational setup (source).
  4. Surface Compatibility
    Ensure the scanner can read markings on various materials, be it metal, plastic, or others, relevant to your industry (source)
  5. Connectivity Options
    Integration with your existing systems is vital. Check for scanners with versatile connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (source).

Performance and Efficiency: Why Do They Matter?

The speed and accuracy of your DPM wireless barcode scanner directly impact your operational efficiency. Look for scanners that can quickly read even poorly marked or damaged codes. User-friendly features are also crucial; they reduce training time and enhance productivity. Remember, a scanner that performs well boosts your entire operation’s effectiveness.

How Do the DPM Industrial Barcode Scanners Work?

DPM Industrial scanners use advanced imaging technology to accurately read barcodes directly marked on various surfaces and materials. This technology differs from traditional scanners, as it needs to handle different textures, reflections, and angles often found in direct part marking.

DPM scanners are used to read barcodes that are directly marked on various surfaces, including metal, plastic, and other materials. These marks are often permanent and withstand harsh environments.

From the below video, you will learn how the DPM barcode scanner works

What are the Benefits of the DPM barcode?

DPM technology offers numerous benefits, including improved traceability, reduced errors, and enhanced efficiency. It’s particularly useful in industries where parts are exposed to harsh conditions and maintaining a consistent history of each part is critical.

What are the types of DPM barcodes?

Here you can explore the Various Types of Direct Part Marking (DPM) Barcodes

Direct Part Marking (DPM) barcodes come in several types, each suited for different applications and materials. The choice of a DPM barcode type largely depends on the amount of data that needs to be encoded, the space available for marking, and the conditions the barcode will be subjected to. Here are the main types of DPM barcodes:

DPM barcodes

  1. Data Matrix:
    A 2D barcode that can encode a large amount of information in a small space. Resilient to damage; even if part of the code is obliterated, it can often still be read.
    Commonly used in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare industries.
  2. QR Codes:
    Another 2D barcode format, similar to Data Matrix, but more familiar to the general public.
    Can store a significant amount of data and is often used in consumer goods.
  3. Code 128:
    A high-density linear barcode that can encode all 128 characters of ASCII.
    Suitable for applications where space is limited but requires a linear barcode format.
  4. Code 39:
    A common type of linear barcode that is less dense than Code 128. Can encode a combination of 39 characters, including numbers, uppercase letters, and some special characters. UID (Unique Identification):
    A specific type of Data Matrix is used in the U.S. Department of Defense’s UID program. Used for marking and tracking military equipment.
  5. Dot Peen:
    Not a barcode type per se, but a method of creating barcodes (and other information) by indenting a material with a series of dots. Creates durable markings suitable for harsh environments.
  6. Laser Etch:
    Again, this refers to a marking method rather than a barcode type.
    Laser etching is used to create high-contrast, precise barcodes on various materials, including metals and plastics.
  7. RFID Tags:
    While not a barcode in the traditional sense, RFID tags are sometimes included in discussions of DPM due to their role in tracking and identification.
    RFID tags use radio waves to communicate data and are used in situations where line-of-sight reading (required for barcodes) is not possible

Each of these DPM barcode types has its unique advantages, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the environment in which the item will be used, the durability required, and the amount of data that needs to be encoded.

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Where are DPM Handheld Scanners Used? Case Studies

DPM handheld scanners are widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and healthcare. Case studies show how these scanners have revolutionized inventory management and quality control processes in these sectors.

The following practical cases can help you better understand the actual application scenarios of DPM.

User Stories: PCBA (circuit board) manufacturers

DPM code is used on PCBA, PCBA (circuit board) manufacturers for various electronic products, such as PCBA for TVs, mobile phones, home appliances, etc.

User Stories: IC manufacturer

The DPM code on the CPU is commonly used in various high-end chips, such as CPUs for computers/mobile phones, GPUs, etc.

User Stories: Car manufacturer

Ultra-low contrast metal DPM codes, metal product manufacturers or metal sign manufacturers, such as signs for large machinery, car signs, etc.

User Stories: Battery DPM barcodes for BYD and Tesla

Ultra-low contrast ceramic DPM code, used in the production and manufacturing of ceramic/pottery products, such as ceramic handicrafts, high-end toilets, etc.

Ultra-low contrast plastic DPM code, automotive batteries used by high-end battery manufacturers, such as Tesla, BYD, etc.


In conclusion, choosing the right DPM wireless barcode scanner involves understanding your specific needs and how various features can address them. Quality, performance, and vendor reliability should be your top priorities. Remember, the right scanner is an investment in your business’s efficiency and accuracy.

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