Wired 2D Handheld Scanner TAH2

1. Barcode Type: Wired 2D Handheld Scanner
2.  Quickly read the  QR code on paper, computer, or mobile phone screen;
3. Interface: USB, virtual serial port; RS232;
4. Dimension:110mm*71mm*158mm
5. Compatible with Windows, Android, and Linux systems.
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PTH2 is Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner, it is easy to use, plug and play, support 1D, 2D barcode. It's an ideal choice for payment solutions, inventory management.

1. Strong reading performance, can quickly read the master code and QR code on paper, computer or mobile phone screen;
2. Quickly read payment codes, electronic coupons, coupons, etc. on the screen of the mobile device, which can be used for online payment;
3. Support multiple communication methods, such as USB, virtual serial port;
4. Suitable for various lighting environments (including complete darkness), high temperature and humidity, and various harsh and complex working environments, such as: shock, vibration and strong exposure;
5. Compatible with Windows, Android and Linux systems

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