How does fixed mount barcode scanner give full play to advantages in medical industry? Apr 17,2020.

2D Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner MS4100

2d fixed mount barcode scanner MS4100 has been recently used in many medical facilities and hospitals.

Self-service kiosks have many advantages as follows:

Faster - check - in time

MS4100 kiosk scanner uses the best scan engine, once you embed it into self-service terminal, it will allow for faster - check - in times. Registering with kiosk terminal is a simple and quick process for patients who are not seriously injured, Especially those who save their information in a doctor's database.

Reduce patient waiting time

This auto-scan barcode scanner supports various types of barcodes like PDF417 / QR / Datamatrix barcodes, for medical industry, datamatrix barcode has been widely used for blood collection tube & medicine .

So putting this automatic barcode scanner into the terminal will bring the benefit that that they can greatly reduce the waiting time for patients. There is no need for patients to fill out documents by hand. Digital programs make it easy To fill in information and allow management teams to match patients to the right healthcare department in short time

Save the medical establishment money

Another big benefit of this qr code scanner is that they can save much cost for hospitals or medical facilities. Reduced paper waste and reduced time spent searching documents to find the correct patient information.

The nurse welfare

With this  2d automatic barcode reader MS4100  , it will let the nurses spend less time of looking through administrative documents but more time will be spent for caring for patients, it will improve nurses’ working efficiency and make their work more humanized service

Make payment options easier

In  addition, with kiosk scanner, we can make payment via scanning payment qr code via wechat or alipay or other payment method .The patients don’t need to face the problem of lack of cash , such convenient solution will increase the patients’degree of satisfaction for the medical service .

That will be a huge wealth for all people.

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