How Does A Small Ring Barcode Scanner Use For Retail Store ? Apr 17,2020.

Small Wearable Ring Scanner TS02 Will Increase The Working Efficiency

In past retail market, most stores  just manually input the goods data into the PC terminal one by one and use a cheap wired handheld barcode scanner to scan the barcode, even just write the goods information into a notebook not using the smart PC,it reduces the working efficiency a lot .

Many stores usually face the problem of unstable scanning performance ,  Previous handheld barcode scanner is too large to occupy a position , once you left from your operation work to scan another far bacodes in another goods , it becomes a little difficult .Then more portable bluetooth barcode scanners becomes a potential demands .

A sort of Small Ring Bluetooth Barcode Scanner named TS02 meets IP54 grade,

1mm silicon cover allows this portable ring scanner to withstand at least 200 times 1.2m drop test .

To extend working time to support at least 2 shifts, there is a standard charger that can charge the device when you have a rest .

In addition, in many supermarkets, the user needs to connect the barcode scanner with PC when they need to scan goods barcodes, so the charger can be customized with bluetooth adapter function , you just need to scan the MAC address of bluetooth charger, then they will connect with each other asap .

This Wireless ring Bluetooth Barcode Scanner has these features as follows :

1. Branding scan engine

2. Super small and light : 35g

3. 500mAh battery, high battery capacity comparing to other similar small ring scanner

4. Touch scan, lifespan up to at least 6 years

5. Application : retail store / supermarket / Hospital counters

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