Effon Glove Scanner MS02 With 550mAh Removable Battery For automoive logistics industry Mar 27,2020.

Effon  is a start-up company, developing wireless gloves with removable barcode scanners .

Glove scannerMS02 is a new style trigger finger bluetooth barcode scanner for automotive industry. It reads both 1d and 2d barcodes . Standard size wearable glove allows workers to wear the scanner on the back of the hand . The small ring scanner rests on the glove with bluetooth connectivity. When you put it in use, the ring bluetooth scanner will transmits exact data to the mobile terminal or mobile device .

This glove solution is designed mainly for logistics/ automotive industry . branding 2d Scan engine can scan common 2d 1d barcodes like logistics Interleaved 2 of 5 , PDF417, GS character barcode......

The convenient and creative design allows the glove scanner to track or trace parcel or manufacturing at a high speed performance .

With the clients’ needs change about warehouse use, more and more clients in different industries start to look for glove scanner with BLE communication . It will better meet their application to be integrated with glove ring scanner. TheIP65 ring scanner with glove can work for 11 hours after full charge . With the removable wearable scanner, at least 2 shifts can be supported .

Comparing to other similar glove scanner, this product’s glove material is very thin and breathable, more comfortable . In addition, its durability has also become a highlight for the industry customers .

Surely, it is compatible with Android & IOS & Windows system .

We noticed in many warehouse, there are many operation counter that has desktop computer,  the client needs to connect the device with the PC , while traditional barcode reader needs a bluetooth adapter to connect with the computer , but generally speaking , such a adapter can not work stably, then  our team designed a bluetooth charging cradle for the glove ring scanner, it can not only charge the whole device but also the battery . Except this, it also can be regarded as a bluetooth adapter to connect glove scanner with the desktop computer via scanning the MAC address of the adapter, so convenient accessory save more time and improve the working efficiency at least 25% ~30% 。

At last, if your current handheld terminal’s system has been out of date and not so suitable for your warehouse, you can come to us for new solution .

Warranty : 2 years

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