Wireless Glove Barcode Scanner Reduces The Risk Of Getting Infected Of The Covid-19 Jan 11,2021

When you are ready to choose a barcode scanner,  you’ll want to make it wearable to free up your hand. Effon glove wearable  barcode scanners is popular for its convenient design: a portable and lightweight bluetooth barcode scanner is very suitable on the back of the hand , then the operator can totally release their hands to handle other works. Such glove barcode scanner will not interrupt workflows to pick up, it will saves precious time and effort. In addition, the user doesn’t get misplaced  because it’s worn on the body at all times.

Wireless glove  barcode scanner  has a removable ring scanner on the back of the glove, replaceable 550mAh battery supports more than 10 hours work , if you order extra battery, at least 2 shifts in a warehouse can be supported. Removable glove uses sweat-abseorbing material that can be cleaned up , due to covid-19, close contact may increase the risk of getting infected of the virus , then glove scanner can avoid the problem, preparing extra several replaceable gloves will be favorable to change the situation.

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