Rugged Ring Bluetooth Scanner EF02 Advantages Oct 28,2020

This ring barcode scanner is a mini barcode reader, which is designed for intelligent storage, retail chain, logistics, e-commerce, production and manufacturing industries. Let's look at the real face of it.

Ring Barcode Scanner

Ef02 series products are a novel, exquisite, compact, portable, rotatable, Bluetooth enabled long-life ring Wireless Barcode Scner. It has the ability of fast decoding and high precision reading, and is able to resist the interference of ambient light.

Wireless Bluetooth communication: support the mainstream Android operating system, various smart phones of IOS Apple operating system, and the application programs running on tablet to scan barcode and read in, and support the mainstream PC version operating system.

Automatic reconnection of broken line: Bluetooth receives the intelligent automatic connection after it is disconnected beyond the connection range, without manual setting

Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Small volume: ultra small volume, easy to carry, and wearable scanning.

Small head, big skill

Data security and stability: it can support HID and spp mode, and provide safe data transmission mode.

International brand scanning head: quickly read one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode, support printing barcode and paper barcode, and screen barcode has good performance on scanning wear and wrinkle.

Industrial grade

The product is made of pc+tpu material, which can withstand 200 falls of 1.5m, Tesla Model 3 is rolled for more than 10 times, and the height building of 5m falls, which is dust proof, waterproof, and suitable for violent use

Fast charging

With optional standard magnetic charging wire / separate charging pole, the charging time is 2 hours and the working time is 11 hours, which can support at least 2 shifts in the warehouse.

Ring Barcode Scanner

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