Points to pay attention to when choosing bluetooth wireless scanners and wireless barcode scanners Mar 23,2022

In the family of wireless barcode scanners, there is a portable wireless scanning device transmitted through Bluetooth, referred to as Bluetooth wireless scanner.

After the Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner and Bluetooth wireless two-dimensional scanning gun scan the data, the data transmission method is as follows:
1. The wired barcode scanner we usually see can be directly connected to the computer to scan the barcode, and the data read by barcode scanning can be transmitted to our computer PC through the cable, which is convenient for our data application;
2. The wireless scanning gun can transmit scanning data through the wireless charging base, and the wireless charging base actually needs to be connected to the computer through a cable;
3. The barcode data collector PDA, compared with the mobile phone, is actually a personal mobile device with a high-efficiency scanning engine. It has its own Android system. After scanning and reading the barcode, the device transmits the transmission to the background through the wireless network. system;
4. Portable bluetooth scanner, its function is a scanning engine with bluetooth transmission function, usually we can use it to connect our mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. through bluetooth, and upload data through bluetooth;

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a wireless scanner:
1. The sensitivity of the scanning engine is the speed of scanning.
2. The capacity of the battery is related to your working hours.
3, the ability to resist falling, not easy to damage.
4. Whether it is small and light, to achieve the purpose of being convenient to carry.

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