IoT 4.0 A Smart Glove Scanner helps to run your warehouse more efficient Apr 30,2020

IoT 4.0 A Smart Glove Scanner helps to run your warehouse more efficient

McKinsey's 2020 survey consumer survey report pointed out that since this year, the number of online shoppers worldwide has increased by 60% compared with previous years. Among all shoppers, nearly 80% said they will spend nearly one third of their annual income Online shopping.

With the increasing number of people shopping online, logistics warehouses need smarter equipment to help them deliver packages to customers as soon as possible.

The emergence of Effon smart wearable scanning devices has helped logistics companies optimize the warehouse picking process, thereby greatly improving work efficiency.

With the wearable glove scanner, enable your workers hands-free and to pay more attention on the order picking, highly to improve the Warehouse Order Picking Process. Reduce order picking error by 95%

EFFON's wearable glove scanner hopes to change that by helping companies manage their products more efficiently in warehouses, reducing the time it takes to process goods.

Wearable devices recognize the importance of creating smarter and more efficient employees in an industrial Internet of Things environment. Industrial wearable devices define the future of assembly, production, and logistics processes. Our smart wearable devices are designed to serve as a natural extension of workers' tools, thereby enhancing the role of humans in today's automated world.

Smart Glove Scanner

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