I Will Tell You The Truth About Glove Barcode Scanner In The Next 60 Seconds Jun 8,2020

Mobile data collection is an important part of digitalization of the supply chain in the internal logistics work of the enterprise. With the continuous updating of market demand and the application and promotion of new technologies, The wearable scanning scheme changes from the original wired connection to the 2.4G connection, from the 2.4G connection to the Bluetooth connection, and from the Bluetooth connection to the NFC connection. The whole evolution process makes the wearable scheme more and more intelligent, saves the previous complex connection process, and greatly simplifies the warehouse sorting workflow, In order to better let customers understand the application of the product, next we recommend 2 glove barcode scanners :

GS02 2D Smart Glove Scanner

With a removable industrial-grade ring scanner, at the end of 2019, Yufeng launched three new devices: industrial-grade wearable glove scanner, this model improves the glove based on the original glove scanner (mini series) The breathability of itself, by increasing the circuit on the glove, the scanner holder is installed, so that the product can be removed, and the durability of the product is enhanced. With the replaceable 550 mAh battery and the standard charging pile, it is greatly extended. After working hours, the product can be customized for scanning vibration, NFC connection or LED display light to judge the right or wrong of the scanned barcode, enhance the product's intelligence level, and achieve further improvement in working efficiency. Compared with the current ring scanner, the glove scanner is more hands-free and more in line with the user's work experience requirements.

PS02 Bluetooth 2D Smart Glove Scanner
In actual work, a key indicator that can ensure the smooth operation of these functions is the working time. The capacity of the built-in 550 mAh replaceable high-density battery (lithium polymer battery) with an additional battery can meet at least 2 shifts (8 Hours).
Wearable Glove Barcode Scanner MS02

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