How To Compare Industrial Ring Scanner EF02 & Lightest Industrial Ring Scanner ET02 ? Sep 15,2020

Industrial Ring Scanner EF02 is our latest wearable solution while lightest industrial ring scanner ET02 is the optimizing version of wearable style . Their main difference is that ET02 use touch scan on two sides of the case instead of EF02’s mechnical scanning button.

Ring Barcode Scanner

Branding mechnical scanning button can be used for more than 10 million times but after high frequency use, generally speaking, there are more or less problems with the mechanical scanning buttons.

That’s why our CTO Gerry Yu decided to optimize current wearable ring bluetooth scanner EF02 using another scanning method to solve the problem-touch scan button to unlimitedly extension of scan button life.

In addition, such improvement also allows the ring bluetooth scanner to become more lighter , it will reduce user’s fingers’ burden after one day’s work .

Here are ET02 wearable 2d ring scanner’s advantages :

1. It is light enough to ensure that all users don't feel tired when wearing their fingers for a long time. A lot of practical test experience shows that it can't be heavier than 20g;

2. The continuous working time shall not be less than 12 hours;

3. Wireless communication must be very stable and reliable, without missing and wrong data transmission;

4. The waterproof and dustproof grade shall not be lower than IP66, and the falling height shall not be less than 2m.

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