How Does A Smartwatch Scanner Connecting With Bluetooth Label Printer Working For Warehouse Management ? Jun 24,2020
In the packaging station and pallet distribution area, all the goods to be packaged are collected together, data must be quickly recorded, the goods are packaged, packing lists and shipping labels are printed

As with the storage process, the barcode scanner is also essential at the shipping station. For example, you can read all the barcodes of goods in the warehouse. Since the work content in the station is repetitive manual work, when selecting the equipment, you must also consider the operation mode of the equipment. It is better to automatically scan the induction barcode or manually trigger it. scanning.

In the delivery process, the label printer should choose the fast printing speed, flexible label width setting, and it will not consume time due to maintenance or frequent replacement of the label roll, including the cleaning user interface: menu function and display printer status

Processing method after label printing is completed:

1. Manually private label
2. Automatically cut the label by the printer cutter

The following recommends an application advantage of a wearable data terminal connected to a printer for warehousing and sorting

1. With 2.2-inch touch screen, accurately capture barcode data to provide users with the best visual experience.

2. Finger-triggered scanning, mechanical button scanning, giving users a variety of scanning methods, improving the convenience of overall scanning and sorting.

3. With adjustable wrist strap, elastic lanyard, fully liberate the user's hands, you can still free your hands to do other warehouse work without scanning, and improve manual efficiency.

4. Compared with traditional PDA, this product is light and cost-effective, and can meet all the requirements of the current warehouse application.

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