Glove Barcode Scanner VS Wearable Ring Scanner Dec 18,2020

We believe that wearable scanning solution will be the trend within the following 5 years. Because wearable scanner its high-efficiency and relatively-safe feature must reduces disruptions to workflows

Competing manufacturer also agree on the topic of this point. While the confusing question is that Finger ring scanner or wearable glove scanner who’s ahead ?

Ring scanner – It sounds very small with exquisite design like a wedding ring, while the reality is that when you handle something or move hard staff , wearable ring scanner also touch such bulky staff. The feeling is like a medical splint that immobilizes the fingers. Therefore, the users may think this device is not so comfortable.

Wearable Glove scanner – more smarter option

Compared to the industrial rugged ring scanner, moving the scanning part into the back of the hand is an ideal choice. This surface is rarely used for most manual activities. With the Effon wireless finger trigger glove scanner, the hands and fingers remain free and unimpeded. Further, the glove can be worn over any kind of work  to provide proper hand protection for the day’s work. The worker can use hands easily for grabbing items, gripping boxes, handling frozen goods, moving a ladder or even breaking a fall. This is not really suitable for the bluetooth ring scanner or a traditional handheld barcode scanner.

The back of the hand is an ideal platform for the scanning device. Effon glove solution has optimized the device into a higher standard to meet the users request , it has two designed for right hand / left hand , nuous optimization of glove materials makes the products more suitable for different hands, and the comfort is also improving.

Effon glove wearable devices are the lightest barcode scanners on the market, they are significantly lighter than most scanners including some ring scanners.

Charging Thing

With separate charging cradle for the whole device and separate battery, about 2 hours working time is enough to charge the glove scanner in full power, meeting 2 shifts in warehouse work .

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