• Wireless Glove Barcode Scanner For Factory Logistics Department
    Wireless Glove Barcode Scanner For Factory Logistics Department
         In the traditional factory logistics department, the three pieces that need to be transported are scanned by barcode scanner, and the use of this special scanner saves these additional equipment. Instead of picking up and putting down the bulky machine, workers with the gloves just need to touch each other's thumb and index finger to trigger the embedded barcode scanner, and it also reduces the distance workers have to walk back and forth to scan parts.      Glove bluetooth scanners are of great help to factory workers and can further optimize the assembly line to improve efficiency. The operating principle of glove scanner is as follows: there is a trigger on the index finger of the glove. When the trigger on the index finger is pressed by the thumb of the worker, the scanner will execute the work, and the worker does not need to stare at the bar code. When the scanning is successful, the LED light of the Bluetooth scanner on the glove will light up, accompanied by beeps and vibration signals, and tell the workers that the object has been successfully scanned.       Glove scanners are equipped with replaceable 550 Ma batteries, and the single battery life is enough to meet the working hours of single shift workers. Such gloves have been widely used in various industries in various countries      Of course, the glove scanner gs02 can be connected to other devices such as tablet computers, smart watches or wearable terminals via Bluetooth low-power (ble), which greatly expands the sorting range of factory products or equipment,      Traditional mobile scanners are bulky and often lost or easily damaged. Using wearable devices to solve these problems can ensure higher efficiency, quality and reliability. The device itself is ergonomically designed. Just wear this very lightweight glove on your hand, workers can connect with the Internet of things technology to form a digital chain closed loop between them and the management team of the enterprise. For more information, please click www.effon.com
    Dec 4,2020.
  • Effon Smart Watch Wearable Scanner Boost Order Picking More Efficiency
    Effon Smart Watch Wearable Scanner Boost Order Picking More Efficiency
    Effon Smart Watch Wearable Scanner IoT4.0 Industrial smartwatch scanner to help you to improve the Warehouse Order Picking Process. Make your industrial scanning processes faster and more accurate with hands-free wireless barcode scanners. That meets the growing demand for wearable scanners in industrial environments
    Aug 21,2020.
  • Industrial Ring Bluetooth Scanner For loading & unloading packages
    Industrial Ring Bluetooth Scanner For loading & unloading packages
    Industrial Ring Bluetooth Scanner For loading & unloading packages In many warehouses, traditional loading packages or unloading packges is still relying on labor resource, like a person do writing work to record package data, other people do handling work, this working method is very slow for rapid development of logistics industry and cause potential high labor cost. That’s why more and more small-medium business companies start to look for more cost-effective solution,  long long ago, most of big logistics companies used Windows CE PDA handheld terminal to capture barcode data, but windows CE will be out of state, android system start to become mainstream .Then Android handheld terminal become a  new choice . While the world is changing everyday, labor cost also has been increasing , surely, android PDA’s scanning accuracy is also not a little high, to make picking-up work more convenient , hands-free barcode scanner like wearable ring scanner /  glove barcode scanner matching with a rotatable phone holder for loading / unloading work . Here are their advantages : 1. Faster response e.g. faster scanning  Time saving terminal e.g. picker/packer do faster picking/packing due to hand free scanning terminal 2. If activity performed by two employees ( one is only scanning and one is picking / packing ), that can be well managed with one employee due to hand free scanning terminal
    Jul 30,2020.
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